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The Martin Aboriginal Education Initiative (MAEI) seeks to improve elementary and secondary school education outcomes for Aboriginal Canadians through the implementation of specific programs and the application of appropriate research.


Guiding Principles

  • Eliminate the gaps in Aboriginal elementary and secondary education in partnership with First Nations, Métis Nation and Inuit.
  • Improve graduation rates for Aboriginal students by working in partnership with Aboriginal organizations, public and private organizations, governments, businesses, and non-government organizations.
  • Implement targeted programs based on research for First Nations, Métis Nation and Inuit students.
  • Promote a better understanding of the experiences of Aboriginal Peoples’ culture, experiences, rights and history.
  • Build a foundation of Aboriginal-based knowledge and learning practices that can be used as a resource for teachers and students across Canada.


Operating Philosophy

Elementary and secondary school education both in Canada and internationally is replete with programs that have proven successful in providing at-risk students with the skills necessary to improve their academic achievement levels. Although valuable, such programs have not been adapted to suit the needs of Aboriginal Canadians.

Our methodology is to establish new education-based projects or adopt existing pilot projects that have been proven successful and adapt them to the needs of Aboriginal communities and

  • Fund these, either on our own or in partnership with communities and public and/or private stakeholders;
  • Expand our projects as they mature and are proven to be successful, in partnership with communities and public and/or private stakeholders;

Education is critical to improving the social and economic strength of Aboriginal People to a level enjoyed by other Canadians. MAEI has initiated various educational projects designed to provide Aboriginal Canadians with the tools and opportunities they need to succeed. MAEI brings together Aboriginal organizations, the business community, post-secondary institutions, First Nations schools, and provincially and territorially-funded school boards to implement programs to support Aboriginal students.

We believe that the development of skills will provide Aboriginal students with an incentive to continue their education. Our projects are chosen in discussion with the pertinent Aboriginal leadership, provincial and territorial education authorities, and various national business communities.